NetBeans 6.9 Beta is available

The NetBeans team announced that beta of 6.9 version is available for download.

Feature highlights:

  • Develop OSGi bundles with Maven
  • Bundled Felix container, ability to register other containers such as Equinox
  • Use OSGi bundles in a NetBeans RCP application
NetBeans Platform
  • OSGi interoperability (developing and consuming OSGi bundles in Platform-based applications)
  • Felix 2.0.3 OSGi support, experimental Equinox support
  • Convert NetBeans modules into OSGi bundles and run them in an unmodified OSGi container
  • Branding Editor for both Ant and Maven Platform-based projects
  • NetBeans Platform-based applications generate installers for most common operating systems
  • Enhanced support for consuming web applications and connecting to databases
  • Unique JavaFX Composer for form-like UI components with states and access to various data sources
  • Added and improved editor hints and refactoring
  • Enhanced Palettes for JavaFX Shapes, Colors, Effects, and Charts
  • Improved code formatting
Java EE
  • Support for Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) (JSR-299) has been added
  • Spring Framework 3.0 support
  • Easy regeneration of JPA entities after database change
  • REST web services support for RCP applications
  • Java Debugger breakpoint grouping, debugger attach parameter history
  • Support for annotation processors in the editor, configurable in the Project Properties
  • New Applet and Web Start (JNLP) support
  • Improved navigation in Stack Trace Analyzer and URLs, Go To Overridden/Implemented Method action
Web Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Refactoring and find usages for CSS and HTML-like languages
  • Code completion and hyperlinking for id and class selector attributes
  • Refactoring to extract inlined styles to a separate style section
  • PHP Zend Framework
  • “Overrides/Implements” and “Is Overridden/Implemented” annotations
  • New formatter with many formatting rules
  • Ruby on Rails 3.0
  • “Overrides/Is Overridden” annotations and hyperlink navigation
  • Console type “Internal Terminal”
  • Download project files modified on remote host to local host
  • Makefile targets can be sorted and opened in Navigator
  • More editor hints
  • Spell checker support in the Editor
  • Use the Help menu to report bugs and slowness against NetBeans IDE
  • Support for multiple Kenai-based team servers (e.g. and


Full list of features in this release is here
Beta version you can download from this page.


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